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We have moved to Wordpress! Posted by Jason Links to this post The Recruiting Front Lines has evolved. At the beginning of the year, I changed jobs within my company, moving away from Outreach and Education, and into my new role as Director of Business Development. While I remain closely involved with our field activity, I am now more focused on strategic partnerships, social media, and the world of internet recruitment resources. As I have made this change, the focus of my blog content has also changed. Recently, I began to feel that many of the ideas I had for blog posts would not fit within the framework of The Recruiting Front Lines. This was a cause of some frustration, as I felt that I was either misrepresenting my content with the title of my blog, or that I was stifling my writing because I felt it didn't fit. To rectify this situation, I have created a new blog home, now on WordPress. I am still ironing out the wrinkles, but feel that it is far enough along that I can move all my past content, and begin posting all new content, at the new address. I would like to formally welcome everyone to come check out my new home at I can't wait to hear what you think! Best Regards, and Thank you for your time and attention over the past 18 months. Jason

Feb 27, 2009

The Recruiting Front Lines: RFL: We're Moving in the Right Direction!

The Recruiting Front Lines: RFL: We're Moving in the Right Direction!

RFL: Down Economy? Don't Just Sit On Your Hands!

Word of caution to all HR and staffing professionals. NOW is certainly NOT the time to ignore your recruiting strategies. I've spoken with a few companies recently who have expressed that due to the economy, and their hiring freeze or reductions, they aren't giving any attention to the employment brand or recruiting strategies at all. That line of thinking will only serve to position you to lose out on the best talent when the economy shifts or you simply need to fill a key position. Let me explain.

In a down economy, the strongest companies maintain or increase their advertising and marketing. You'll often see big name brands advertising during a downturn that you don't see during strong economic times. This is done to gain market share and reinforce brand awareness that will be leveraged when the economy does turnaround. Despite slowing or declining revenues, businesses promote the unique value of their products/services to remain top of mind with consumers. At the same time, some companies opt for cutting their advertising and marketing budgets and efforts, resulting in loss of market share and brand awareness, and negatively affecting their ability to rebound when the pendulum swings. They simply lose out to the companies with greatet TOMA- Top Of Mind Awareness.

This very same dynamic exists in the labor market. To be positioned to attract the best talent when you are hiring requires, businesses must apply the strategies of consumer branding to their employment branding practices. That's to say, a business looking to outperform others in the acquisition of key talent, must continue to promote and reinforce their employment brand despite hiring freezes or cutbacks. This is critical to your business's long term success. A business that fails to acquire key talent will fail to be as productive as those who do capture the best candidates, over the long term. Failing to pay attention to your employment brand is only slightly less detrimental to you business than failing to pay your electricity bill.

In my next post, I'll discuss 4 keys to promoting your employment brand during a recession.

That's how it looks today from the Recruiting Front Lines! Please feel free to share your comments, or shoot me an email if you have questions about any topics at, or read more from me in the Recruiting Review Newsletter!

Feb 25, 2009

RFL: We're Moving in the Right Direction!

Set sail even though your friends stay in harbour. Know the route, know the soundness of your ship and the favour of the day
-Miyamoto Musashi, A Book Of Five Rings.

I'm happy to report that here at JobsInTheUS, we are moving in the right direction.... at least, I think so. I recently accepted a new role, or a slightly modified version of my previous roles, as the Director of Business Development. -that's not why I think we're moving in the right direction, though, of course, promoting me is the sign of a very intelligent business ;0).

In this new capacity, I'll be focusing on developing our brand and identifying new revenue streams. While many in our industry have taken the easy step for short term revenue gain- charging job seekers in some fashion or another-, we have remained focused on our long term prosperity and stability.

(Believe it or not, my writing this is truly just a strange coincidence of timing with the philosophy and message put forth by President Obama in his Address to Congress, which is really just sound business practice.)

We believe that counsel, confidence, and content are the most important things we can give to both job seekers and employers right now, and that through those efforts, we will maintain and grow our brand loyalty and remain the premier recruiting resource in the markets we serve.

My new role is one example of how we're backing up our brand promise with actual business practices. I have been a member of SHRM for 5 years now, am an active member of the Greater Monadnock SHRM chapter that meets in Keene, NH, and the HR Management Association of Central Massachusetts, and currently sit on the board for the Granite State HR Conference as the Information Management Chair. Over the past 4 years I have written and delivered numerous HR Certified internet recruiting seminars to employers in person across New England and New York, and via webinar to HR professionals across North America and Europe. During the past couple years, my focus has been on our Outreach and Education programs, providing PR, Marketing, and Sales support to our company, through experiential campaigns. These include exhibition at over 200 career oriented events in 2008, participation in B2B expos, and partnership development with trade associations and chambers of commerce. In addition, through this program, we presented dozens of Internet Job Hunting workshops directly to groups of job seekers through college career centers and state agencies.

As a company, my appointment as the Dir. of Business Development shows our commitment to growing our business through increased connection to our local markets, as opposed to selling more meaningless content on our web space or merely finding ways to capture revenue from job seekers. We have thoughtfully determined that our long term value and stability is based squarely on our ability to provide the best service to our customers, both employers and job seekers, and continue to establish our presence as thought-leaders in the world of recruiting and staffing management.

While we will continue to grow our base, developing our platform to connect the best in-state candidates with real in-state job opportunities, we will also expand to offer greater support to both job seekers and employers. Since 2004, we have hosted more real, in-state jobs in Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire than any other resource available, generating real content that attracts large numbers of the local job seekers. We have also successfully launched new markets in NY, CT, PA, LA, MS, and AL.

I'm proud of the brand loyalty and integrity we've established, but am even more proud of our continued decision to build on our success in thoughtful and valuable ways. I recently attended an HR meeting presented by the Central RI Chamber of Commerce which we sponsored. One of our long standing clients went out of her way to share with me that while they'll be cutting many of their recruitment advertising methods, they will continue to use JobsInRI. She continued to explain that they realize the best value from our site, and that the support that we give through our participation in the community and the expertise given by our Recruitment Specialists is unparalleled.

We take the responsibility of providing value to the employers that advertise with us very seriously- and will continue to develop the counsel, confidence, and content we provide to help businesses make great hires. We also take great care in our engagement with the job seekers who rely on our service to find career opportunities, and will continue to develop the counsel, confidence, and content they need to find their next great career.

Because of this dedication to provide value, knowledge, and positive experiences in our markets, we believe the future is bright.

Set sail even though your friends stay in harbour. Know the route, know the soundness of your ship and the favour of the day.

Thanks to all of those who have utilized our resource over the years. We hope we can continue to meet your expectations and provide you with valuable counsel, confidence, and content.

Best Regards,

Jason C. Blais

Feb 23, 2009

RFL: Forget Corporate Social Responsibility

Forget Corporate Social Responsibility, What About CONSUMER Social Responsibility!

I believe it's time for us all to take a step back, and remember the value of human interaction both in life and in business. Businesses shouldn't simply depend on automation solutions or online applications or e-commerce strategies to grow and build market share. Unfortunately, it's up to consumers to demand more, and it seems that the majority are just too busy with their mobile devices listening to music, watching videos, texting, and calling, or going online to see how popular they can be on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or a Ning network. If, as a country, we've already given away our status as a producer of goods, then the burden of our domestic value and economic strength falls on the shoulders of our consumers. That being the case, we must all become smarter and more thoughtful as we consume.

Somehow, online businesses have succeeded in convincing the masses that avoiding human interaction and local contact is a GOOD thing. And that we're better off not having a local insurance carrier or bank or anything else for that matter. For a few dollar savings, we've allowed ourselves to accept that it's in our best interest to pay less and receive less service.

In the world I operate in, recruitment advertising, this issue is growing out of control. Some larger employers have become to time-sensitive, they've removed human contact from parts of the recruiting process, relying solely on applicant screening applications. Try speaking with a hiring manager at a Borders, Sears, or other multi-national giant. It's likely that you can't even hand in a paper resume any more, let alone speak with someone about the job opening to find out more. Not too long ago I asked the store manager at a Sears who looked at the applications once they were completed at the in-store kiosk. Surprise! She had no idea. If the applicant was cleared by someone "at the home office", the store would get a call to let them know when the applicant would be coming in for an interview.

Ever have a question about the validity of job postings on an internet job board? Who did you ask to get more information or confirm that the job was legitimate? I didn't think so. While I am truly proud of the success of the job boards I work with, I am most proud of our focus on the local markets we serve. I'm almost embarrassed to share this, but once I was told that the only reason an employer used our site, was that when she called, she spoke with a live person who was familiar with her account, and that we gave her assistance over the phone to help ensure her recruiting success. Since when did answering the phone and giving advice to your customers become a unique sales proposition?!

Anyway, I'm getting off track. Today I just wanted to ask everyone to be thoughtful about how you consume.

Is it good or bad to pay $10 more for a running shoe that's made in the USA (yes, there's still one company making shoes on US soil- keep up the good work New Balance!)?

It it better to physically go to the bank that employs 20 or so of your neighbors who, in turn, buy from the local grocers, attend local theater, and pay taxes to support the local schools, than it is to get an extra tenth of a % on your savings account and enjoy the convenience of using an online bank?

The decisions we make do matter, in life and in business. Whether you're buying goods, or recruiting staff, remember this: There are always unintended consequences for every action. Will your actions more likely produces positive unintended consequences, or negative?

Slide Show for New England Job Seekers

With our focus on providing higher level resources for job seekers, we've updated our job hunting workshop to include content on identifying and promoting your transferable skills. For many who have been laid off, you may need to branch out to find new types of career opportunities. Take a look at the presentation below this post. Feel free to share feedback via the comment link below.

Hope this helps!


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