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Jun 25, 2009

Internal Company Email Exposed

Upon reading this internal communication, I realized just how much negative press has been devoted to exposing the dark underbelly of corporate greed through the acquisition of private and revealing emails. Rarely does one encounter a news bit that begins with, "Our station has acquired a copy of the internal email...", and is followed by a feel-good or uplifting story. Normally, this type of exposure ends in a story about some type of insidious and greedy business practice that serves only to put an ugly face on capitalism and corporate culture in America.

Not today. Today, I'm sharing an internal communication (used with permission), that shows the humanity behind a good business. I've acquired a company email that sheds light on the good people who are remaining positive and seeing the silver lining, despite significantly adverse business conditions and the depressed economy. Earlier this year, the leading recruitment resources in ME, NH, VT, and RI rolled out a free program to help employers who are forced to reduce staff this year. (I shared this in an earlier post, which you can view here.) While this program was created to assist those in transition, provide a valued service to employers, and keep the JobsInTheUS brands top of mind, it's clear through the following email that the program is truly a reflection of the people of this company.

The following email was written by Robert Ayers and sent to the entire company at JobsInTheUS. Ayers is responding to a communication highlighting the work performed by the company's outreach and education coordinators, which includes presenting workshops at private companies, state career centers, and trade associations to people who have been recently laid off, or are about to be. As you can imagine, the climate of these workshops can be quite somber, and the outreach and education coordinators do their best to build optimism while sharing real-world advice on how to launch a successful job search. Here's Ayers's email:

That’s great info for our sales talks once we get our contact on the line, just to find out they are laying off their employees and in some cases friends and family members. I mention this service daily, and in my conversation with my contacts, they will typically ask how the recession has changed my (JiUS) business. I remind them of this….although it looks bleak from an employer perspective, I myself have literally helped thousands of honest, hard working local people find jobs. This may not pay dividends in my commission check, but as always, it will open their hearts to the good that we do as a company in their community and state. Aside from all the negative publicity on the news today, we do a great service for our respective states. Let’s give a big shout out to Caleb and Steve, how depressing has their job been lately????? You guys ROCK! Thanks!

Robert Ayers

Senior Account Manager

Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, I must acknowledge that this is the company I work for. And I am so proud. You see, in our industry, recruitment advertising, we sit on the front line of the economy. Months before the national news was ready to report that the economy fell off the table, we saw companies freeze their hiring, not fill open positions, and begin to contract. For our sales staff, this has truly been a difficult year, calling on long term clients who are holding off on their recruitment advertising for the first time in a decade. Imagine spending your days calling to ask companies about their recruitment needs, and listening to well-established businesses explain how they're facing layoffs for the first time in their 40 year history, or how they're closing their doors after five good years.

Despite this difficult climate, our business remains strong, which I attribute to our core mission of helping to connect qualified local job seekers with quality in-state jobs. In the face of severe adversity, we continue to keep our chins up and focus on the good effect our work has on our communities. Thanks to Robert Ayers for allowing me to share his comments.

Every company has a good story to tell, and there's never been a better time to share yours.

Have a good story to share? Please share your comments, we'd love to hear it!


Michael said...

Very nice post, Jsson. kudos to you and your company for doing what you do. I don't know Robert Ayers, but I like his message - and his style.

Some of us are very lucky to work for companies who do the right thing in difficult times.

Keep up the good work works there - and here on your blog!


Deirdre HR Maven said...


Nice post. It's wonderful to be associated with great people, especially during difficult times.

I work in higher education and we are slightly behind the curve in being affected by declining enrollments, financial aid and increasing costs. I am in awe of the transparency with which our community is handling the issues and it too gives me hope.

Thanks for highlighting something good. We need it.


Susan Johnson said...


Keep the spin positive. I've taken up getting news updates online now so I can filter the content. I would prefer a report that says 90.6% of the population is employed, as opposed to our current reporting. We'd all like the number to be higher, but that bit of sugar keeps my confidence high which is so important during the job seeking process.

Just a few days ago I got Linked Into Robert Ayers and can atttest that his communication style is indeed positive. In these tough times I am getting more positive leads from than any other no cost online avenue. Super site with super staff.

Thanks Team

Evan said...

Interesting Addition!
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