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Apr 7, 2009

RFL Question of the Moment: Recruitment Advertising When You're Not Hiring

With so many people hopping on the optimism bandwagon that we all hope is taking us to the river of economic recovery later this year, I'm hearing more and more staffing and personnel professionals wanting to develop candidate pools before there are any jobs available. It got me thinking about the ethics and best practices around this issue.

What do you think?

Does your company advertise job openings even when they're not available? If so, why?

What do you think of this practice?


Robert said...

I think the best practices for any organization that is focused on finding and developing only the best talent, would be to constantly "recruit" even if they are not "hiring".

HR Maven said...

Permanent residency petitions require petitioners to advertise positions that are currently filled by the alien (technical term). We are required to prove that there is not a more qualified US applicant before we can move forward with the petition. (The wording varies depending on the petition).

Technically the position is 'open' though someone is in the job.

Heidi Sawyer said...

Proactive recruitment is as essential as passive job seeking. The ultimate goal of any company (or job seeker) is to be prepared for the unexpected. Have that go-to list of candidates that have passed your screening process and have expressed a desire to work for your organization, this way when you have an unexpected opening or planned growth then you are already ahead of the curve.

At the same time it is important to be upfront with the candidate and let them know, with in reason, the purpose of your process. By doing this you are creating a trust level, reinforcing your employment brand and ensuring they are not caught off-guard if you call them in 6 months with a potential job offer.

HR Minion said...

I think it can be a good idea as long as you are upfront about it. Especially right now. It's great if you are looking for positions that come open frequently like retail or call centers.

Anthony said...

Without proactive recruiting, an organization is gambling on top talent for a particular job being available at the same time that job is open. Recruiters are much better served by beginning the sourcing and relationship building process many months in advance of need and (as others have stated) probably on a continuous basis.

It is important to manage those interactions with potential candidates honestly and clearly stating what your actual hiring goals are and when.

Michael said...

Here's hoping that this is the preliminary front of a wave of good job news. And you should always be building talent in one way or another. I recently saw Doug Hardy of Monster speaking, and he pointed out that even if you aren't hiring, you can be building relationships and impressions with potential future talent..

Happy Random Acts of Awareness Day, Jason! Keep up the good blogging!

Jason said...

Good stuff- thanks to all for the comments. Also, thanks to the comment on this post in HRMToday (and thanks to for featuring it) correcting me on my use of Your and You're in my headline. My grandmother would have been shocked if she saw it! Fixed now... :)

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